Our Telling it as it is campaign - live events


Below you will find a list of links to our live events from the Telling it as it is campaign series


Prem Sikka is a professor of accountancy at the University of Essex, a published author and long term campaigner for justice and equality within our tax system
A look at how some CEO's of our NHS trusts have established themselves as private consultants, charging up to £2,000 per day
Nicholas joins us to share his own experience both as a whistleblower and campaigning against fraud by HSBC bank
Dr Reynolds is a public health specialist and long term campaigner for our NHS. She discusses the reality of the PFI scandal within our NHS
Dr Gill is a practising GP, a trainer of junior doctors in general practice and a long term campaigner for our NHS. He discusses the true extent to which successive governments have been pursuing their goal to privatise our NHS
Steve Gill from the grassroots group 999 call for the NHS shares his experience as a campaigner for our NHS
Some helpful tips from the panel for those interested in getting involved with the campaign to save our NHS
The truth about the mass manipulation of the people agenda through our media and so called free press
Ben Dyson is founder of Positive Money UK and he explains the truth about private banks and how many os created into our economy
John is a former economist for the government in Jersey, co-founder & director of the Tax Justice Network. He joins us to explain the role of the city of London as a tax haven in global finance
Naomi Fowler is producer of the Taxcast, a mostly podcast which provides a unique view on the world of tax and governments
Steve Keen is a professor of economics and joins us to share his views on our austerity driven economy
Damien speaks on the effects of our governments' wholly unnecessary program of austerity
An open discussion between the panel members on the solutions already available and how things could be done differently
Magnus shares with us, his experience in natural healthcare, good foods and well being
Damien shares the vision of Redesigning Democracy UK
Russell joins us to talk about his forthcoming book called Wonderland
Elizabeth is a highly experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and hypnotherapist, she shares with us her wisdom and knowledge on how to take back our power within the workplace and the importance of doing so for our health and wellbeing