My name is Damien Quigg and I am the founder of Redesigning Democracy UK. Professionally, I have had a wide and varied career path, from car mechanic, to photo framer, then working in a hostel for homeless people. I've had extensive periods of unemployment and fell into drug and alcohol addiction, before getting clean and becoming one of the founders of the first ever social club for people in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, then training as a massage therapist and running my own business for seven years. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, I was forced to close it down and reconsider my options and decided to go back and retrain in the field of accountancy, as an accounts technician

Historically, I was apolitical. That was until in February 2015, I watched an episode of the BBC documentary program Panorama called HSBC - the bank of tax cheats. I was horrified, shocked and angry, that such levels of inequality woud be allowed to happen. I needed to know whether this was a common occurance, or a one off and decided to carry out some research of my own and the more I learned, the more shocked I became, until eventually I decided to do something about it

I observed that there were already of protests and marches happening, but these appeared to not be achieving any real change and the relaticely new trend of online petitions, particularly those facilitated through the .gov website appeared to be achieving even less. It was then that I decided to setup Redeigning Democracy UK and our first official meeting happened on Wednesday 29th July 2015