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The word democracy comes from the Greek language and means “rule by the people”. In Britain, we are said to be a representative democracy whereby we the people, elect our politicians to represent us and make decisions on our behalf in our own best interests. When we consider that just 24.7% of those eligible to vote in the 2015 general election chose those whom now hold government and one third of us, for whatever reason chose not to elect any politician to represent them. Add in the fact that during the election campaigns, politicians can and do make all kinds of promises about what they will do if elected and then find a convenient excuse for not carrying through with their promises once in power. The pre 2010 election promise made by David Cameron that if he is elected prime minister there would be no more top down reorganisations of the NHS being an excellent example, as through the Health & Social Care Act 2012 we have seen the abolition of the NHS as we knew it in England and the biggest reorganisation it has ever seen. If Britain were a true democracy, we the people of Britain would have the means available to hold David Cameron and his government to account for this fact, but as it stands, we are seemingly powerless to do anything about it, as our pleas and objections fall on deaf ears. In reality, the over 200 parliamentarians with recent past or present financial links to companies involved in healthcare and all were allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care bill, turning it into an Act yield substantially more power than the almost 65 million people of Britain.


In line with the infamous “time honoured tradition of politicians being less than honest” which could never exist in a real democracy, David Cameron, George Osborne & the vast majority of all 650 members of parliament, 851 non salaried members of the house of lords, as well as the representatives of our media and so called “free press” agree with Cameron & Co’s “there is no alternative” ongoing rhetoric about the governments program of austerity since 2009. In point of fact, there is and never was any need for austerity, because the chancellor of the exchequer has the power to issue both debt and interest free money and the precedence for this was set in 1914, when then chancellor Lloyd George issued the Bradbury pound, therefore, there is and never was any need for our true current national debt of £4,800 billion as indicated in the text paragraph within this link.


These are just two very quick and simple examples I put forward as evidence to my assertion that Britain is not a real democracy and many more examples are available in the recommended reading list at the bottom of this article. However, I suggest that no further reading is necessary, as we all know in truth several examples of our own. So this raises one fundamental question, what can be done about it? And in answer I suggest that we are all, or at least the vast majority of us are looking in entirely the wrong direction for a solution and this is, our current politician system and our politicians. In truth, our politicians do not actually yield any real power and are there for the sole purpose of causing a distraction to what is really going on. Scratch just below the surface and it is clear for all to see that the real decision makers in Britain are the permanent secretaries, through the banks, corporations and institutions that they control. The entire entity of parliament, along with most of it’s at least £840 billion spend in 2014/15 exists to fool the people of Britain into believe that we live in a democracy and we are therefore faced with a choice. Either:


Continue participating in the game that can never be won


Create and build our own British society in the design of our choosing



It has for some time been apparent to me that our politicians of all parties are leading us up the garden path. In good faith, some of us elected them to their positions of privilege and power, in the expectation that they would represent the interests of all the people within their constituency. As time goes on however, it seems the vast majority, if not all of them have forgotten whom it is they work for and whose interests they are supposed to be representing and instead, squabble, lie, manipulate and maneuver in whatever way they deem to be in their own best interests for their political career. 


I believe that this has never been more apparent than in the short time since the outcome of the Brexit referendum result. In the tory camp, they are fighting and polling for the privileged position of PM, following the announcement from David Cameron that he would resign the position. In the short term at least, Theresa May has come out on top and if the news reports are to be believed, she will begin the process of honoring the outcome of the referendum for Britain to leave the EU. We know that Ms May is a strong supporter of abolishing the Human Rights Act 1998, withdrawing us from the European convention on human rights and replacing it with a so called British Bill of rights, though no-one seems to know what would be contained within the new bill, or what rights would be protected. 


In the labour camp, in-fighting is prominent, 13 members of the shadow cabinet resigned in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to resign his position as party leader , several shadow ministers also resigned and both the former work and pensions secretary Owen Smith MP and former Shadow First Secretary of State and Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Angela Eagle have both submitted official challenges to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. There was a fight over Jeremy Corbyn being on the leadership ballot, which has now been resolved and his office was fire bombed by persons unknown a few days ago. Yesterday, it was revealed that the allegations of an attack on Angela Eagles’ office were proven to be false.


While all of this is going on, many of the British people are concerned about what the future holds following the result of the referendum, an MP has been murdered and tensions among the British people are growing, with a number of vile and disgusting racist attacks being reported, while our media and representatives of our so called “free press” are doing their best to stir up tensions and fear. Rather than jostling for position and thinking of their own political careers, I believe our politicians should be calling for calm and showing great leadership skills, rather than the kind of antics we see at Prime Ministers questions every week. These are supposed to be up-standing pillars of our society and instead of showing leadership, they are participating in behaviours that belong in a primary school playground I suggest. 


What all of this shows, is that we can no longer rely on our politicians (if indeed we ever could) to act in our best interests. I suggest therefore, that we the people of Britain are faced with a choice:


  1. continue to participate and engage with the charade and self seeking behaviour of our politicians, media and representatives of our “free press”
  2. or we the people come together in unity and have a discussion about   the kind of society we want to live in





The plan

My suggestion, is that we come together and organise a national event at which, we the people would have a discussion about the kind of society in which we want to live. Our politicians only hold power to the extent that we allow them to and can only continue to pursue their own agenda, for as long as we allow, by remaining silent and through our inaction, we are giving them consent to act and behave as they choose. I believe, that regardless of our individual opinions with regards to the outcome of the EU referrendum, we are being presented with an excellent opportunity to reform our political system for the better, so that we can all live in peace, unity and prosperity. This should be what is being offered by our politicians, but as it is not, the responsibility for making it so therefore falls to us, the people of Britain. 




Such an event, could be facilitated in the autumn and would I suggest, be an opportunity to bring all members of our local communities together in peace and unity for a day of celebration and unity. I envisage that the main event would be hosted online and streamed live through the Redesigning Democracy UK youtube page, exactly as with the one above and all of our events in our Telling it as it is campaign. We could have local venues up and down the length and breadth of Britain hosting local get togethers for their local communities and connecting live to the main event, where individuals in each of the local communities would be given an opportunity to put forward their ideas and suggestions about what kind of society we want to live in. 


The purpose of the event would be to bring together as many people as possible in their own local communities and to facilitate a national discussion, with everyone being given an opportunity to put forward their throughts, suggestions and ideas about the kind of society in which they want to live. We could also have dedicated twitter, facebook and other social media accounts setup, providing further opportunities for people to express their ideas. 


The challenge


We know that our politicians are never going to support and help facilitate such a national discussion and therefore the extent to which such an event might happen and how successful it would be, would fall entirely on we the people and how much effort we put into making it happen. However, the biggest challenge we face, is that there is no money for facilitating such an event and therefore we would have to obtain whatever we need on our own. On this front, I envisage local community groups providing their community hall to host a local get together, with local businesses and shops being approached and asked to make a donation of whatever they can. Local supermarkets might consider donating food. Local printing companies offering to print flyers to advertise the event. Local charities and voluntary organisations allowing their staff some time to help organise the event. Local artists providing paintings or to put on an exhibition, based around the theme of the event. Local technology/IT companies might provide the skills and expertise to streamline  the event and connection to the main event. The possibilities are endless and the extent to which the event is a success, is entirely up to us.



What we need


First and foremost, we need individuals with the willingness to put in the required effort to make this event happen. I am in the process of setting up a committee of twelve individuals, who will take overall responsibility for the initial stages of the planning and provide help and support where possible. The committee will take responsibility for organising the main event, but all local events will be the responsibility of each local community and will depend on local people making the required plans and efforts.


Anyone with the interest in either being a part of the committee of twelve, or taking responsibility for organising an event in their local community can contact me at or express their interest and ideas on the comments section of the YouTube video above. 

Let us all come together and organise an event that will pave the path to a better, fairer, democratic and equal British society, where everyone will be provided with an equal chance to prosper


Damien Quigg

Redesigning Democracy UK Founder




RDUK event – autumn 2016


We are planning to setup an event this autumn entitled What kind of society do we want to live in?




  1. We believe that Britain is not a real democracy. Rather than serve the interests of those who elected them to their positions of privilege and power, the vast majority of our politicians align their interests with those of neo-liberalism and large, multinational corporations.


  1. They show little if any regard for the one-third of us having experienced poverty since David Cameron became prime minister in 2010. The elderly people, unable to afford to heat their homes. Disabled people, unable to afford a decent standard of living. Those who through no fault of their own, have found themselves unemployed. Despite their claims, all evidence points to a plan to privatise both our NHS and education system, while an estimated £119.4 billion in tax goes unpaid every year.


  1. Our politicians tell us we can no longer afford the education system, social security system, healthcare system and many of the other structures we have built. Meanwhile, apparently we can afford an estimated £205 billion on replacing our arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, an estimated £6.2 billion on the refurbishment of a single warship, £29 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, £320 million on the war in Libya, an as yet unknown amount on the war in Syria, and then of course the humanitarian cost of such conflict, including the deaths and displacements of millions of people, most of whom we have and continue to refuse to help, yet we consider ourselves a beacon of democracy. Apparently we can also afford to lose £2.3 billion on the sale of Royal Mail, £2 billion on the sale of Northern Rock to Virgin Money, partially owned by our prime ministers friend Richard Branson, an estimated £39.7 billion loss on the planned sale of our shareholding in RBS bank Group, despite the existence of a more favourable alternative, public sector jobs paying £530 per day for former MP’s who fail to get re-elected, an estimated £119.4 billion in unpaid taxes per annum, we are expected to accept payment of £130 million against an estimated tax bill of £900 million as a victory, while paying £57 billion in 2015/16, on our £4.8 trillion national debt, salaries of up to £2,000 per day for our NHS trust CEO’s and £6 million on an anti-tax avoidance/evasion campaign through an advertising agency, ultimately owned in an offshore tax haven, to name a few.



  1. Our media and representatives of our so-called “free press” are largely failing to report the truth and have aligned themselves with the corporate/neo-liberal agenda.


  1. The situation we now all face is not new and has been a long time in the making. What is clear, is that at the heart of all that ails our society, is our political system. There is much confusion, dismay, disappointment, frustration and anger among the people of Britain and this has been most recently evidenced both during the build-up and following the outcome of the Brexit referendum.


  1. Rather than call for calm and unity, our politicians are showing more concern for their own political careers, as clearly evidenced within the labour party, following a call for a vote of no confidence in the elected leader Jeremy Corbyn.


  1. Elsewhere, David Cameron has shied away from his responsibility to call for the enactment of Article 10, following the outcome of the referendum. Jeremy Hunt has said that he will enforce the new contracts on our junior doctors and medical students, despite 58% of the BMA members who voted, having rejected the contract.






  1. Time and again our politicians have proven themselves as either unable or unwilling to bring about real and meaningful change. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that our political system is no longer fit for purpose
  2. We have all played a part in creating our current political system, either by ignoring what is happening around us, continually electing our politicians to their positions of privilege and power, then complaining, when they do exactly what we have enabled them to and by not holding them to account
  3. The current system works very well for our politicians, so they are never going to change it in any meaningful way and therefore if we the people want change, we will have to take responsibility for designing and building it ourselves
  4. We can have the kind of society we want. But only if and when, we stop pointing the finger of blame elsewhere, including at our politicians
  5. Despite how justified we are in pointing the finger of blame at our politicians, all evidence points to one simple fact. It achieves nothing useful.
  6. We the people of Britain hold the power to design and build a truly democratic society, where everyone will have an equal chance to prosper





  1. We start as individuals, looking at how we contribute to the society we now live in. Are we engaging and participating in the agenda to cause fear, disunity, hate, division and depravity and if so where? This might be by spreading and sharing the fear porn articles in our newspapers, arguing with, attacking and criticising the opinions of others, particularly on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Such acts, only achieve further disunity, hate and fear, the very things we claim to want to stop. We claim to believe in democracy, yet attack, insult and even vilify those who hold a different opinion to our own. If real change is what we genuinely want, this has got to stop and we are all individually responsible for making that happen
  2. We hold a national debate about the kind of society in which we want to live. Set aside the differences of opinion, insults and personal attacks and come together in unity to think about what kind of society we want to live in.



Event Purpose


To formulate a framework for the kind of society in which we want to live






  1. Such an event would be open to everyone to participate, on the understanding that everyone has an equally valid point of view and therefore, there will be no personal attacks, insults or otherwise negative remarks about anyone’s point of view
  2. It would be facilitated within an atmosphere of radical thinking, where no idea or suggestion is unachievable at this stage in the process
  3. It could be facilitated in a fixed location and live-streamed online, so that everyone, regardless of their geographical location, can participate and make their contributions
  4. A Facebook page and twitter account could be setup, allowing individuals to make their own suggestion/idea
  5. Individuals, community groups, churches, corporations, businesses, charities and voluntary organisations could offer their office/building, or take responsibility for securing a location within their community, which would be connected to the main location via live stream



What we need


  1. For people to spread the word by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere and everywhere. The more people get involved, the better the outcome and more likely we are to succeed
  2. Individuals, community groups, charities, voluntary organisations, companies, anyone willing to find/donate a space to connect your local community to this event
  3. Radical thinkers with big ideas about how to make this event as successful as possible and willing to take responsibility for their own ideas
  4. People with the skills and knowledge to live stream this event online
  5. People with the know how to re-design our website



The big challenge


We don’t have any money. Therefore, we are looking for people willing to give their time, knowledge and skills, without financial reward. 

On an individual level, there are many ways we can all choose to contribute to this event and it’s success or otherwise, depends on each and every one of us, whom are being faced with a choice:

  1. Continue passing our responsibility for what we have collectively created onto others and expecting others to bring change
  2. Or take responsibility and determine to create something different


The choice is of course, entirely yours and yours alone